What is Squid ? 

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Squid is a daemon which is used as a proxy server and web cache. Squid has many types of use, from speeding up a web server withcaching requests over and over again, the DNS Cache, the cache web site, andSearch caching computer in the network to a group of computersusing the same network resources, to assist with securityHow to do filtering (filter) traffic.

Though often used for HTTP and FTP, squid also offers limited support for someother protocols include Transport Layer Security (TLS), Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), HTTPS, and InternetGopher. Squid version 3.1 including support IPv6 and Internet Protocol ContentAdaptation Protocol (ICAP). Squid was originally developed by Duane Wessels as the harvest object "cache", which is part of the harvest project being developed at the University of Colorado at Boulder Of.

Further work was done was completed at the University ofCalifornia, San Diego and funded through the National Science Foundation. Squid now almostexclusively developed through voluntary efforts. Squid are generally designed to run on UNIX-like operating systems, althoughSquid can also run on the Windows operating system. Since it is released under the GNU Public License licenseGeneral, squid is free software.