What is MaxSSH ?

MaxSSH is a provider of VPN and SSH server accounts with premium quality that is truly free. Our premium SSH & VPN server location has a great selection including Singapore, the United States, United Kingdom, etc. Our account have different active period and accounts available at each server. Be sure to check out first, before you make on our website.

You can create an SSH and VPN accounts every day, just in our account as long as the MaxSSH is available in every server you have your own company, you may need to set up your own server so that your employees and people working in your company can be connected to each other in a better way. If you want to create a secure network at your company, using the VPN server may be one of the best solutions that you can find today.

If your company uses a private network, your employees will get better access to data transfer. Virtual network also allows you to get a faster connection as well. Other benefits that you can get if you choose the private network is that you can create an account with your own password. So it will be safe for you if you use a private network at your company.